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Chair cushions - Many choices and styles

There are many different types of chair cushions that you are able to buy and the right type will depend on the type of chairs that you want to place them on. There are lounger chairs cushions, patio chair cushions and outdoor chair cushions in general. You can buy chair cushions that fit on the exact type of chairs that you have or there are chairs cushions which can just be thrown on the chairs and use them a backrests e.t.c

Chair cushions are sometimes chosen on your own personal taste and then sometimes you have to match them to existing furniture or cushions that are on other pieces of furniture. One of the great things about the majority of chair cushions is that they are completely washable. They come with zippers that allow you to take them on and off the chair and put them into the washing machine to clean, they also drip dry quick enough in the sun. Avoid chair cushions that have to specialist cleaned as if you are putting chair cushions outdoors they are going to have to be cleaned on a regular basis and specialist cleaning will work out expensive.

When choosing chair cushions while you want then to fit in with any other existing furniture on the patio or around the poolside you also have to take into account if there are suitable for the situation where you want to place them. For instance you might want to put chair cushions on chairs in areas where the sun is going to be beating down on them all day long. If this is the case then you should look for chair cushions that are anti fade, this will ensure that they will last as long as possible and you are not going to be having to replace them every couple of months. If you are placing them on chairs around the poolside then ensure that they are made of materials that would dry quickly and that the materials have been waterproofed. You can buy chair cushions that have specifically treated for use on furniture around the poolside and in damp areas.

When looking for chair cushions for a particular type of chair then ensure that you have the correct size. Lounger chairs for example will want different chair cushions and be of a different size to say chaise chair cushions. Even the same type of chair can vary to some extent. By measuring the chair when looking for chair cushions you can be sure of a perfect fit. You do not want chair cushions to be sliding around the chair, yet on the other hand you also do not want the chair cushions to be bunched up because they are a tight fit. When possible buy the chair cushions from the same supplier that you bought your chairs from, the chances are that they will sell replacement cushions and these will an exact fit for your chairs.